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“Metlife and its henchmen” is an exact case quote written by U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen.

Multiple insurance companies are committing deadly organized crimes in five different types of insurance as evidenced in the quotes from numerous U.S. Judges, Doctors and Professors that you’re about to see !!

Quotes from Directors' of the Bush and Obama administrations prove they reviewed this evidence but did nothing to stop these wealthy corporate criminals who have given them huge campaign contributions and spent $41 million dollars lobbying in the last ten years!!

* Please review all types of crimes before clicking on the individual links

1. Quotes from numerous Judges and treating physicians prove that doctors paid by MetLife ignore Multiple Sclerosis, brain lesions, and cardiac conditions of many patients !!

The patients may die during the years it takes their case to get to Court !!!

To see the Judges quotes please go to :

2.   In a Long Term Care policy Metlife fabricated medical conditions !!

    Three U.S Court of Appeals Judges’ even wrote that Metlife “reverse engineered" the diagnosis and created conditions that did not exist. Then MetLife denied the claim saying the patient had a pre-existing condition that he did not tell them about.

    This proves complex fraud because fabricating conditions is the exact opposite of Metlife's ignoring conditions to deny disability claims as seen in bullet point one above.

The Judges’ quotes are posted at :

3.    Quotes from WFAA- TV’s Peabody award winning series prove that Injured Workers in America often kill their self.

WFAA wrote that “doctors’ medical files are "stripped" of records important to the possible approval of workers' comp claims”.

WFAA also wrote the following regarding criminal prosecutions of insurance companies in Texas:

 “the number of insurance companies referred since 2000? Zero.”

** This exact same crime is also occurring in disability cases and injured war zone contractors cases linked on this website !!

To see links to WFAA’s story and links that prove Tennessee also had zero insurance companies prosecuted please go to :

(4) Similar crimes are also being committed against severely injured War Zone Contractors. This is covered in depth in many articles seen at :
Here is a quote from an injured contractor who had his leg and fingers blown off in a car bomb blast :

The Sheriff repossessed my wheelchair because CNA Global Insurance stopped payment on the check that they issued to the suppliers and my life really started spiraling out of control”
This severely injured contractor also had his bed repossessed.
The author and contributors of this blog are going through Hell inflicted by wealthy insurance companies, while the DOL does nothing to stop them. Please understand their urgency as you read their website !!
Here are quotes from a article :
“Reporting in 2009 by ProPublica, the Los Angeles Times and ABC's 20/20 revealed deep flaws in the program.
Workers fought long battles for medical care, including such things as prosthetic devices and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law. One official called the system a "fiasco."
“CNA withheld portions of the investigators' findings when it submitted the claims to the Labor Department, court records show.”
(5) Here’s a link to reports from my Psychologist who wrote that I was “significantly destabilized” by MetLife having three doctors ignore medical evidence regarding my right eye cancer and left eye surgery.
My Psychologist also wrote the following quotes in an urgent letter to Assistant Secretary of Labor Ms. Borzi :
"His thoughts and emotions are so troubled he describes feeling “like my brain is on fire”. I think he struggles to express the fullness of his distress."
"In light of the violations Metlife has committed against Mr. Schmittou and Metlife's awareness of the additional harm caused him, Metlife's actions seem irresponsible, inhumane, dangerous, and reckless."

(end of quotes)
After seeing this the DOL sent me a letter saying there is nothing they can do !!
Their website writes the Secretary “is responsible for protecting claimants rights”
To see the full Psychologist’s reports please go to :

(6) Multiple life insurance companies are causing extreme grief to claimant’s families as evidenced in a story from Bloomberg.

This includes a case where a state medical examiner and a sheriff in Montana concluded a death was caused by a car accident, but Metlife refused to pay saying the driver killed himself.
Here’s a quote from the  story :
“Jane says she was dumbfounded. She cried for days.”
“It’s bogus,” she recalls thinking. “How can a responsible company possibly lie in such a terrifying way?”
This introduction and the Bloomberg story titled “Accidental Death Becomes Suicide When Insurers Dodge Payouts” are seen at :
(7) Seven laws violated simultaneously
The insurance companies must agree to fiduciary regulations as they sell billions of dollars of health policies to 150 million American citizens. U.S. Title 29 1104 mandates :
“ a fiduciary shall discharge his duties with respect to a plan solely in the interest of the participants”

“with care, skill, prudence, and diligence”
In exchange for agreeing to this the insurance companies can never be sued for punitive damages !!!!!!!
Every time they violate one law these fiduciaries are actually violating seven laws as seen at the following website. The Obama and Bush administrations would not stop them even though thousands of lives are being destroyed !!!!!!
(8) Attorneys paid by MetLife have lied in multiple federal courts even though MetLife is required to act with care, skill, diligence and prudence solely for the participant.
Please view the quotes at :

(9) Here’s a link to a summary of letters I’ve received from Obama’s DOL Directors where they tell me it is their top priority to stop these violations, but then they do nothing !!!!!

(10) Here are quotes from several Professor’s who wrote about the dangerous violations that are being allowed.

John Marshall Law School Professor Mark Debofsky wrote :

“empirical evidence is now available that shows insurers operating under ERISA have systematically engaged in the wrongful denial of claims. Cases of abusive benefit denials involving other disability insurers abound. Unum turns out to have been a clumsy villain, but in the hands of subtler operators such misbehavior is much harder to detect.''

Please note that Professor Debofsky wrote “insurers” in the plural.

This quote was written by Joseph Belth, Professor Emeritus for Insurance at Indiana University :

"They've turned Erisa on its head,"  "It was supposed to protect employees, and it's being used to protect insurers."
Here are quotes from Aaron Doyle, a professor of sociology and criminology at Carleton University in Ottawa :
 “What those numbers don’t measure is the trauma survivors like Jane Pierce face when wrongfully denied, says “Most survivors don’t have the stamina and knowledge to file a lawsuit, says Doyle, who has spent a decade interviewing life insurance customers, employees and regulators in the U.S. and Canada.
“The company tells the customer, ‘Oh no, that’s not an unusual practice, so you don’t really have a complaint,’” he says.
“Insurers have an obligation to policyholders and shareholders to challenge death claims they consider fraudulent, says John Langbein, a professor at Yale Law School who co- authored Pension and Employee Benefit Law (Foundation Press, 2010). Insurers maintain a reserve of money to cover benefits.”
That doesn’t give them the right to wrongly deny claims, he adds. “There’s a profound structural conflict of interest,” he says. “The insurer benefits if it rejects the claim. Insurers like to take in premiums. They don’t like to pay out claims.”
(11) This next quote from the War Zone Contractor website is additional proof that multiple insurance companies are engaged in identical organized crimes in different types of insurance.
Please read these quotes from the decision of Judge Jeffrey Tureck, and then compare them to the case quotes seen in the other links.
Here are Judge Tureck’s quotes :
“In regard to Dr. Griffith, to put it bluntly, he was a terrible witness.
He was sarcastic, arrogant, argumentative and flippant, and often refused to answer the questions put to him.

On his own, he assumed facts for which there was no support in the record, and then offered his opinion based on these assumed facts.
For example, he assumed that the Claimant was at fault in the incident where his truck was shot at (e.g., TRG 142-48)

He provided different answers to substantially similar questions throughout his testimony. As an example, his testimony regarding whether Claimant is malingering or exaggerating changed constantly, to the point that his opinion regarding this question is incomprehensible. See, e.g., TRG 49-53, 309-10, 317.
His bias against Claimants; his irrationality; and his unwillingness to provide a straight answer to a question; are exhibited throughout his testimony.”

(end of quotes)

Please click on the individual links to see all the overwhelming proof.

I have much more evidence of multiple insurance companies committing the same deadly crimes in claims determinations and the U.S. government will not lift one finger to stop them !! I have also seen cases where insurance companies are engaged in similar deadly deceptions in HMO medical claims in America.

I hope and pray that a Grand Jury in a city or county somewhere in the U.S. will stop these crimes and also determine why the Bush and Obama administrations would not. They should certainly consider the huge campaign contributions MetLife makes and the 41 million they’ve spent lobbying in the last ten years.

Barry Schmittou

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